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Complex GET query param objects in Swashbuckle

How to bind complex objects as GET query params in Swashbuckle / Swagger in .Net Core?

Accessing localhost .Net Core WebAPI from a Docker container

How to access a development (localhost) instance of a .Net Core WebAPI from a Docker container?

Detecting anomalies in InfluxDB data using Twitter Anomaly Detection, WebAPI and Azure ML Studio

In this article we look at how to implement anomaly detection in your InfluxDB time-series data in Azure ML Studio without overloading your WebAPI service.

Downloading / Streaming Azure Storage private container blobs to AngularJS through .Net WebAPI

This article explains how to stream private Azure Storage blobs through .Net WebAPI for usage in AngularJS apps.

Handling .Net's model state with ValidationFilter attribute

In this article we explore creation of a C# method attribute to process your model objects and throw and return a 422 HTTP status code if the model validation fails. DRY.

Handling WebAPI exceptions with Angular http interceptor

How to implement a centralized place in your AngularJS app to handle all the .Net WebAPI exceptions and bad HTTP status codes that the server might return to the browser.

Enhancing RESTful WebAPI controllers with RPC style endpoints

How to add extra endpoints to WebAPI controllers besides the standard ones that don't have explicit routes?

Automatic WebAPI property casing serialization

How to change JSON property serialization in .Net WebAPI to lowerCamelCase?