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Mocking AngularJS promise callback params in Jasmine tests

How to mock promises in AngularJS Jasmine unit tests?

Translating canvas mouse position to JointJS matrix coordinates

How to convert the JointJS mouse position to the canvas matrix coordinates?

Broadcasting AngularJS events from vanilla JavaScript

How to broadcast an AngularJS event to get back from vanilla JavaScript into AngularJS lifecycle.

Detecting no-Internet / user-offline in Angular

How to detect that the user lost the internet connection in AngularJS?

Pre-caching HTML templates with AngularJS ui-router directive

How to pre-cache HTML templates in AngularJS to make them accessible even if the app goes offline?

Downloading / Streaming Azure Storage private container blobs to AngularJS through .Net WebAPI

This article explains how to stream private Azure Storage blobs through .Net WebAPI for usage in AngularJS apps.

Handling WebAPI exceptions with Angular http interceptor

How to implement a centralized place in your AngularJS app to handle all the .Net WebAPI exceptions and bad HTTP status codes that the server might return to the browser.

Invalidating AngularJS template cache with .Net BundleConfig.cs

How to invalidate cached AngularJS templates with BundleConfig.cs in .Net?

Resolving AngularJS $http promises in services vs. controllers

Should you be resolving AngularJS $http promises in services or controllers? Which one is better?