Hey! I’m Tihomir

I'm a software craftsman with special interest in software architecture, functional programming, .Net, C#, F#, TypeScript and React. I like books and obligatory last sentence punchlines. Stay curious. 🖖

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Vertical slice architecture pitch

Making a case for replacing the classic n-tier architecture with vertical slice architecture. Why should we use it?

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Automate SQL column encryption using PowerShell

How to automate the process of adding or removing encryption from multiple SQL columns at the same time?

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F# Koans - The Stock Example

My early attempt on functional programming in F# - solving one of the F# Koans exercises.

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A potential fix for ITfoxtech.Identity.Saml2 "Signature is invalid" error

This article will cover one of the potential reasons why you're getting the invalid signature error when you're trying to authenticate against and IDP.

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Complex GET query param objects in Swashbuckle

How to bind complex objects as GET query params in Swashbuckle / Swagger in .Net Core?

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