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Mocking AngularJS promise callback params in Jasmine tests

How to mock promises in AngularJS Jasmine unit tests?

Translating canvas mouse position to JointJS matrix coordinates

How to convert the JointJS mouse position to the canvas matrix coordinates?

Broadcasting AngularJS events from vanilla JavaScript

How to broadcast an AngularJS event to get back from vanilla JavaScript into AngularJS lifecycle.

Multi-character Google Maps cluster marker labels

How to override Google Maps cluster markers to allow multiple characters per label instead of only a single one?

Resolving AngularJS $http promises in services vs. controllers

Should you be resolving AngularJS $http promises in services or controllers? Which one is better?

Automatic WebAPI property casing serialization

How to change JSON property serialization in .Net WebAPI to lowerCamelCase?

Dynamically resolving function shared arguments in JavaScript

How to dynamically pass an arbitrary amount of function arguments to a JS function if we don't know in advance how many we'll have to pass?

autokana – jQuery plugin

Roumaji-to-latin auto-correct converter jQuery plugin.